Home Improvement



A kitchen is to many the most important room in the home.  When we remodel a kitchen, we understand this and work hard to complete your project on time, withinin budget, and with the designs and desires you had in mind.

Complete Remodeling and Renovating:

Our desire at JNT in remodeling your kitchen is to give you the kitchen you have always desired within the budget you can afford. There can be times when a kitchen needs expanded or plumbing moved.  Don’t worry, we have you covered!  No matter the scope of your project, we are committed to bringing your custom kitchen to life in a timely, professional manner.  From commencement to completion, we take great care to ensure that the final product is just right.

Your design will come to life as we sit down with you and cover everything from the direction a cabinet door swings, to the hardware that will compliment your choices. You see everything before we begin work. John Nelson will visit your home and find out exactly what your needs are and advise you in your kitchen design.  We care and prove it in our craftsmanship and detailed work.



Tired of your old bath that fogs up and stays cold?  Can’t stand that old pink tub?  Maybe the tile has “got to go.”  Whatever your needs are, we can help with your next bath remodeling project.  From small half baths, to large multi-room baths, we have the team to bring excellence into this area of remodeling and renovating.  Like kitchens, we will design your bath with your ideals and budget in mind.  We care about making sure your bath remodel is enjoyable and functional.  We use quality fixtures and warranty them so that you have a worry-free project for years to come.


Looking to add to the house because there is another little one on the way? Perhaps you are outgrowing the space you have, or simply desire a larger kitchen. Whatever the reason and whatever the scope of your home improvement project, JNT Building and Remodeling can expand rooms, add on garages, or add a second story in a way that ties the addition into the original structure seamlessly. We will work with you each step of the way–from ideas and design, to the final touches, so that you will be able to enjoy and use the new custom addition. We design and build additions with a strong emphasis on utility and aesthetics so that your goals of more room and a clean look are accomplished. Our commitment to thorough communication helps to eliminate problems in your home improvement project and results in earlier move-in times.