Home Repair

Siding damage including T-111, cedar siding and any wood-like siding we can repair and repair right! We tie it into the existing product that is still in good condition so that you have less material to buy and still have a clean look.

Any type of dry-rot or water damage can be taken care of as well. We bring our carpentry skills along with a commitment to neatness and professionalism so that even the largest of dry rot or water damage projects are completed timely and thoroughly. Damaged decks, wood framed sills and windows, or any place where wood is open to the elements needs to be maintained, and we can help.

We also offer a complete general carpentry service that will help you navigate any type of project indoors or outdoors. JNT Building and Remodeling performs structural repairs for damage caused by termites, wood boring beetles, dry rot and other damage found on pest inspection reports as well.